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Applications Engineer - Signal Integrity

Job Code - EC0748



Applications Engineer – Signal Integrity – Santa Clara, CA


Technical Applications Support Hub - TASH


We are seeking an Electrical Engineer to join our Technical Application Support team. This team focuses on Signal Integrity for board and system level design projects with the goal of finding the best connector solution to meet our unique customer requirements. A successful candidate will be a self-starter that has project management experience, the ability to understand and communicate customer needs clearly, and will use their resources to consult mechanical, electrical, processing, and manufacturing groups to complete complex tasks. The ideal candidate must be comfortable interfacing with first tier customers and confident in presenting technical content related to their work. 


The ideal candidate will possess the following skills: 


Connector Knowledge: 


               • _Familiar with connector design & manufacturing 


               • _Proficient in connector PCB breakout design & optimization 


PCB/PKG Knowledge: 


               • _Proficient in reviewing layouts for best signal integrity for high speed applications (material selection, routing, crosstalk) 


               • _Familiar with design process (knowledge of ECAD layout tools, padstack definitions, etc.) 


               • _Familiar with manufacturing process (copper balance, thieving, etch tolerance, back-drilling, registration) 


               • _Familiar with manufacturing technology and cost adders (via-in-pad, microvia, backdrilling) 


System Knowledge: 


               • _Familiar with impact of system level design tradeoffs (component placement, material selection) 


               • _Familiar with SERDES concepts (Equalization, ERL, COM SNR) 


               • _Familiar with SERDES standards (OIF, IEEE, PCIe) 


               • _Familiar with SERDES analysis tools (IBIS, COM, Seasim) 


               • _Proficient with manipulating touchstone models (normalization, concatenation, port manipulation) 


• _Proficient with Ansys tools (HFSS, SIwave, Designer) Proficient with other 3D EM modeling & circuit analysis tools is acceptable (CST, ADS) 


• _Familiar with Matlab, python, or VBS scripting languages preferred 


Measurement Knowledge: 


               • _Familiar with Vector Network Analyzers, calibration, and de-embedding techniques preferred 


Based out of our Santa Clara office the Applications Engineer will travel on occasion to support customers in California, Washington and Oregon.


Requirements: BSEE + proficiency in Ansys software and good presentation skills 


Competitive salary fill time E.O.E employment 


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