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Director of Manufacturing & Engineering

Job Code - EC0754

Director Manufacturing Engineering electrical connectors / components
Responsible for Manufacturing Engineering strategy that supports new and emerging manufacturing technical needs of company. Will create and manage a global team structured to scale with technical manufacturing capabilities and capacities. Will lead the team designing and implementing automation and processes to manufacturing floors. Research, introduce and develop new technologies to the manufacturing processes.
1. Oversee and implement Automation and Processes to production
2. Supervise the purchase of all automated assembly equipment involved in the design of assembly equipment, done out of house.
3. Supervise the manufacturing engineering department. Oversee all design enhancements to the manufacturing process on an as needed basis.
4. Assist the products engineering managers with Product Development Strategies of new products to ensure manufacturability.
1. 7- 10 years relevant working experience with an Engineering Degree.
1. Automation Machine Design
2. Design for Manufacturing
3. High Speed Assembly Equipment
4. Machine Tools
5. Precision Tooling
6. Industrial Machine Control Systems
7. 5 years + relevant experience in project management
8. Mechanical Engineering Degree + 3D Modeling Software
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