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Engineer - Electrical

Job Code - EC0763

RF Engineer filter and interconnect - MA, PA, CA and Oregon
1. Generate new techniques and methods in modeling, design, and measurement and recommend changes in designs or technical procedures.
2. Participate in multifunctional team(s) per the priorities set by engineering management.
3. Perform empirical and analytical RF evaluations of products, provide input to design, create electrical product models and generate
4. Work in laboratory environment to validate design and correlate measurement with simulations using VNA, TDR, Oscilloscope or other related equipment
1. 5+ Yearsí Experience designing and developing high speed, RF, and microwave products.
2. Knowledge of RF interconnects, and passive microwave circuits such as filters, couplers and splitters
3. Understanding of EM field and transmission line theories and how they apply to design.
4. Use of commercial 3D field solvers (HFSS) to study electromagnetic effects.
5. Use of commercial circuit design software such as ADS or Microwave Office
Education: Bachelorís Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
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