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Sales Manager - Regional Sales

Job Code - EC0768

Regional Sales Manager East Commercial Connector Sales

The RSM will be responsible for sales activity with Commercial Connector Group customers within the East region. This will include sales channel management activity in the East region. The RSM primary duties will be focused on the identification and acquisition of new business opportunities for the design in and sales of commercial connector products
Sales Channels include Direct, Distribution and Manufactures Representative groups

1. Primarily responsible for sales activities focused on achieving sales growth targets and budgets
2. Recognize new business opportunities by identifying and developing strategic initiatives based upon customer need, trends, markets and opportunities.
3. Direct, manage and promote sales representative and distributor activity using QBRs within the assigned region.
4. Using the Sales representative business review method, evaluate sales representative performance based on the sales representative performance measurement criteria.
5. Review all sales and distributor activity on a continuous basis. Recommend and implement strategic actions.
6. Update and maintain CRM for all activity within the region.
7. Achieve growth goals while maintaining strategic initiatives.
8. Create and implement strategic penetration plans that achieve booking and sales objectives.
9. Plan and implement primary customer and target account sales activities in an efficient and effective manner.
10. Provide forecasts for existing customers and projections for target accounts when needed.

Must have a proven ability in sales and business development in connector or component industry.
Must have a proven track record managing, evaluating and motivating sales reps and distributors
Must have a strong knowledge of connector industry.

Education: Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university or college, or equivalent experience

Experience: Minimum of seven years sales experience in connector sales or a related component sales field.
Experience managing sales reps and distributors to produce NBO revenue generation.
Sales force / CRM software competency / Outlook

As needed travel within the region
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