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Engineer - Electrical

Job Code - EC0781

Sr. Signal Integrity Engineer BSEE / MSEE with Si/PI modeling

Location: Portland Oregon ( relocation assisted )

As a member of Teraspeed Group you will work with customers to solve their silicon-to-silicon interconnect challenges. This will include simulation, design, and validation of IC packages, modules, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), cables and complete system interconnect, through physical structures (bumps, vias, interposers, connectors, traces, and cable assemblies). You will model the products of and other manufacturers, as well as the physical properties of the materials used in package and PCB design. As an engineer in this group, you will be responsible for full-wave modeling and end-to-end frequency domain and time domain simulation of everything necessary to validate a design. Projects include IEEE 100G/200G, DDR4, PCIe Gen 4 system and packaging

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