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Engineer - Process Metals

Job Code - EC0837

Sr. Die Design Engineer – Orange County, CA.

Develops plans for single stage or progressive stage dies for stamping, forming, forging, or extrusion presses

Works with customers, when required, in designing, specifying and dimensioning of their stamped product to optimize its function and ensure manufacturability.

Interprets and understands customer part prints, including various dimensioning schemes, standard tolerancing and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing,

Possesses a broad knowledge of raw material types, including copper based materials, steels, stainless steels and their properties effect in stamping dies.

Possesses a broad knowledge of post stamping processes such as deburring, plating, passivation, heat treating

Determines sequence and number of die stages in which single or progressive cutting, punching, and forming will be accomplished, and type of die sets required to produce complete part, based on knowledge of dies, forming processes, and machines. Designs strip layouts, progressive and single hit dies, and drafts all necessary drawings for the manufacturing of tooling necessary to produce the intended parts or function.

Works with various personnel in a team environment to achieve a design which can effectively produce the required part, while optimizing raw strip usage, balancing design with maintainability, maximizing production run speed, matching design style to projected product life and annual production estimates and minimizing die fabrication costs.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: A minimum of five years’ related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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