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TITLE: Rail Market Sales and Marketing Manager

LOCATION: NY / NJ or surrounding

The Rail Market Sales Manager will be responsible for sales activity within the American rail market. The Rail Market Manager primary duties will be promotion, marketing and sales activity focused on sales expansion within the American rail market. The primary objective is to identify and acquire new business opportunities (NBO) for design in and sales of connector and cable products to customers within the rail market. In addition, the Rail Market Sales Manager will be responsible for managing the existing commercial sales channel and recommend changes necessary for coverage of the rail market

1. Primarily responsible for management of sales activity and results in the rail market
2. Create and implement strategic sales plans for achieving Rail Market milestone growth goals and objectives.
3. Promote and gain approval for Company products at Transit Authorities and Consultants working for Transit Authorities
4. Design in key products for use in Rail Cars and Equipment Suppliers
5. Report all activity, NBO and results in Sales Force

He / She will be responsible for sales activity. Duties include but not limited to identification and acquisition of new business opportunities for the design in and sales of commercial connectors to KRC. Duties will also include the documentation management and coordination of all project pre-production and mass-production. The individual will be involved in all aspects of managing the business and design activity. Communication and collaboration with IOD and HQ Railroad Team. Travel as needed

1. Primarily responsible for achieving sales budgets and growth objectives
2. Responsible for managing all relative documentation for administering development and production projects
3. Recognize new business opportunities by identifying and developing strategic initiatives based upon customer needs, trends and design requirements.
4. Update and maintain Sales Force for all activity and projects.
5. Achieve growth goals while maintaining strategic initiatives.

1. Proven track record managing rail projects.
2. Experience and understanding of the rail market for connectors and assemblies
3. Proven ability in sales and business development in the rail industry.
4. Strong ability to deliver meaningful presentations and convey technical information at all levels.
5. Time management and multi-tasking skills.
6. Experience managing, training, motivating and evaluating rail market sales channel.
7. Experience managing the distribution channel within the rail industry
8. Familiarity with Transit Authority Maintenance Agreements and Rail Purchase Agreements (Policies and Procedures to respond to rail industry RFQ processes)

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Engineering/Business preferred or equivalent experience

Experience: Minimum of five years sales experience in connector & assembly sales for the rail industry.
Possess a proven track record for penetrating primary targets and achieving sales growth.
Experience managing the rail market sales channel to produce NBO revenue generation.

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