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Job ID Title Product Region Description
EC0912 Vice President - Engineering Automotive Connectors USA Details
EC0919 Engineer - Hardware High Speed Interconnects Northeast Details
EC0921 Applications Engineer - Antennas Central Details
EC0934 Applications Engineer - Project Manager Antennas Northeast Details
EC0902 Engineer - Design High Speed Interconnects Central-No. Details
EC0939 General Manager Aviation Cable & Connectors Other Details
EC0904 General Manager Automotive Harness & Connector So. California Details
EC0903 Design Engineer - 10 Gb Ethernet Wiring Northeast Details
EC0889 Account and Business Development Manager High Speed Connectors No. California Details
EC0929 Engineer - Process Components So. California Details
EC0935 Director - Channel Sales Marketing Automotive cabling USA Details
EC0931 Account and Business Development Manager Circular Connectors Northeast Details
EC0926 Engineer - Field Applications Cable Assemblies No. California Details
EC0907 Director - Consumer Connectors No. California Details
EC0941 Applications Engineer - RF Components Northeast Details
EC0892 Account and Business Development Manager Connectors Northwest Details
EC0886 Design Engineer - Antennas Central-No. Details
EC0936 Regional Sales Manager - 10 Gb Ethernet Wiring Northwest Details
EC0937 Global Account Specialist - 10 Gb Ethernet Wiring Northwest Details
EC0938 Engineer - Quality Assurance Connectors No. California Details
EC0940 Automation Engineer - High Speed Cable Central-No. Details
EC0890 Manager - Regional Sales Connectors No. California Details
EC0923 Account and Business Development Manager Automotive Connectors No. California Details
EC0927 Engineer - Project Connectors No. California Details
EC0933 Engineer - Manufacturing Automotive Connectors So. California Details